Comedy - (from the Greek: κωμῳδία, kōmōidía), in the contemporary meaning of the term, is any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by inducing laughter, especially in theatre, television, film andstand-up comedy.    

 "Not a lot of people know that"! - Michael Caine


I love to keep up to date with day to day news, this gives me rich pickings for topical gags.

But I never use a tragedy or controversial stories to gain laughs.

I always like to hear from bookers who have a special occasion coming up, where I am happy to discuss adding personal touches to the show.

I can then include audience members in my act and talk about the local area(s). This tailors the show to make it a much more special journey to the laughter, and it puts the audience at ease, especially when they realise you have taken time and trouble to go into their backgrounds a little!


I love daft gags and stories, some modern 'comics' might call it rubbish, but my aim is not to alienate myself from anyone sat in front of me. Everyone is equal and I never pick on an audience member to get a cheap laugh.


I can come self-contained with a full professional PA system, including a pro-radio mic. I can include music and songs if required. Everyone likes a good sing-song, and I can incorporate some old-time favourites in my set list.


One of my specialities is offering prospective clients my 'COCKNEY COMIC SHOW' where I will take you down memory lane, with my stories about life in the capitol city, growing up, school days, etc. And some great Cockney tunes are included (you have to bring your own Jellied Eels though!!)


Have car, will travel, so although I am based in Hertfordshire, I have dead easy access to all main routes and motorways, and am happy to work the length and breadth of our beautiful country as well.


I am also happy to fly out to other countries and in the past few years have been out to Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Lanzarote, Tenerife . . and many more.


I have also worked the cruise ships which was great fun indeed.


I have performed overseas for Thomson's, and also for the prestigious Warner's Leisure Group in the UK. A lot of these audiences are of a mature age, and so a very clean and clever act is called for.

No problem.


Holiday Parks are a staple diet of my work, and it doesn't matter if there are young children in the audience, I will never use material that would embarrass their parents or guardians. I even bring the children into the act with a small section of daft, silly jokes that always makes the adults laugh as well !

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